Rose Flower Set

Rose Flower Set

A set of sugar handmade rose buds and large rose, edible pearls, moulded flowers and 6 green leaves, which can be used to decorate your cakes, cupcakes or desserts. 

Choose which colour option you would like, and we will make them in shades of that colour, so you can then use them to decorate. 

Simply stick them to your deserts or cakes using edible glue, buttercream, melted chocolate or royal icing. 

They are fully edible, and are gluten free. 

Each bud measures approx. 1.5cm, the large rose measures approx 2cm but will vary due to the handmade nature. 

Please note we need 24 hours minimum to make these and have them dry enough to post. 

they have a 6 to 12 month shelf life and just need to be stored in a dry place out of sunlight. 

  • €14.95

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