Miriam Pearson Sugar Flowerpaste

New Miriam Pearson Sugar Flowerpaste

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I first created my flowerpaste in 2018, wanting to make an ultra fine flowerpaste, suitable for sugar flower artists around the world.

My sugar flowerpaste recipe has been newly developed, so it is more suitable for humid and very warm conditions. 

The flowerpaste is white in colour, with a vanilla flavour, with 200g in the pack. 

You can use it to make wired leaves and petals, stand alone cake toppers, back edible images with it, so they can stand upright on a cake, and build sugar structures with it, where you need stability and strength. 

It will roll beautifully thin, with a shelf life of 12 months,  and also can be frozen, then let come back to room temperature before using it to create your sugar flowers. 

Try it out today. 

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