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Items on this page, are very limited. the price shows the discounted price. They are mainly end of line stock items, and will not be available again. 

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40th Birthday Bear

A polymer resin bear holding a balloon and 40 is written on the balloon. Non edible. ..


Acrylic Square

An acrylic square used for making sugar flowers. Measures 3inches in diameter. Watch my vi..


Baby Feet/Rocking Horse Mould

A set of silicone moulds featuring a rocking horse and baby feet. An extra feet mould is includ..


Bead Texture Mould Large

A large texture mat giving a swirled beaded texture to your fondant, chocolate and icing. ..


Birthday Candles

16  packs of birthday candles. Mostly white, with 1 pack of pink and 1 pack of blue..


Blossom Cutters Set

A set of large blossom cutters as show. the largest measures approx 4 inches wide. ..


Boy or Girl Cake with Dog Topper

These toppers are made of resin and feature either a boy or a girl with their little dog. They stand..



5 Sets of bunting. 2 x Baby Boy2 x Baby Girl1 x Flags..


Cake Lace Mat

A second hand, but perfect condition, cake lace mat, for use with edible cake lace, or could also be..


Carnation Cutter Set

A set of various cutters as shown, for making sugar flowers..


Casablanca Lily Cutter

It’s easy to create realistic life size flowers for cakes and competitions with these beautiful Cutt..


Christmas Eve Labels

Stunning gloss labels suitable for Christmas Eve Boxes. They measure 6inches x 4inches high acr..


Christmas Rose Cutter Set

A set of Christmas Rose Cutters. Also suitable for Hydrangea..


Christmas Rose Veiner

It’s easy to create realistic flowers for cakes and competitions with Squires Kitchen Great Impressi..


Cold Porcelain Peony Rose

A handmade cold porcelain peony rose stem. This is approx 4inches wide and is suitable for craf..


Communion/ Confirmation Girl Pink

A gorgeous resin communion or confirmation cake topper featuring a girl with pink detail on the dres..


Cosmos Petal Cutters

A set of 3 cosmos petal cutter. For use in making the flower, of which a video tutorial can be ..


Cosmos Petal Veiner

A set of silicone veiners suitable for use with our online video tutorial for the flower. The v..


Craft Stamps Dress and Birdcage

A set of used stamps for card making or crafting, one featuring a birdcage and one featuring a bodic..


Craft Stamps Mixed

A set of craft stamps, one featuring Dad, one featuring a flower and more. ..


Diamante Ribbon Effect

4 rows of diamante effect ribbon. Can be cut easily to single, double or trible rows. €3.25 per metr..


Easter Egg Moulds

A set of 12 packs of plastic easter egg moulds. There are large, medium and small egg moulds in this..


Goal Footbal Set

A set of 2 plastic goals, referee and footballers. Perfect to set up on your cake "pitch"€4.00 per s..


Grip Tweezers

Suitable for use in flower arrangements, making it easier to place in your flowers without breakage...


Harp Cutters

A set of metal Cutters to create a small sugar harp. The instructions are included. ..


Large Craft Stamp

A large used, craft stamp, suitable for crafting. ..


Large Kneeling Boy

A resin kneeling boy approx. cm tall. Perfect for communion or confirmation celebration cake, and a ..


Large Kneeling Girl

A resin kneeling girl, approx. 7cm tall. Perfect for communion and confirmation celebration cak..


Leaf Veining Rolling Pin

A vey unusual roll pin with 3 different depth grooves, to roll over your flower paste, in order to c..


Lily Leaf Veiner

It’s easy to create realistic sugar leaves for cakes and competitions with Squires Kitchen Great Imp..


Mini Palette Knife

Made from food-safe stainless steel, the mini flat-blade palette knife from Squires Kitchen can be u..


Mixed Set Deck of Cards

A set of mixed cutters as shown in the image.They are all included in the price. ..


Piping Nozzles 20 Mixed

A set of 20 mixed piping nozzles. There are plain, start tip, basket and more in this bundle.&n..


Plain Piping Nozzles

A set of 10 x 1A Plain piping Nozzles   Sold as a set.  ..


Praying Boy/Girl Mould

 A set of 2 small moulds featuring a praying boy, adn a praying girl. Measuring approx 1 inch t..