Aa We Edit Your Images

Aa We Edit Your Images Birthdays/Anniversary

Got an image of your own you would like made onto an edible icing sheet? Need help with the editing and size requirements?

Our system restricts the size of image allowed to be uploaded, in order to keep the website running smoothly.

Simply Purchase the required number if sheets here and email the image, with the size and layout you require to miriam@sweetcreations.ie

The option for sizes is A4 (10"x8") rectangle, 8inch square, 7.5inch round, or 12x2" round cupcake size.

Images may be mixed on the sheets once they fit. 

Then we will create it, as you have requested, and have it ready to post within 24 hours. 

As editing takes considerable time, we have an extra charge for same. 

However if you have your own images already laid out in the required sizes and format, you may purchase and upload to www.sweetcreations.ie/edible-pictures/edible-image-personalised.html

  • Brand: Sweet Creations
  • Product Code: Aa We Edit Your Images
  • Availability: 999
  • €6.00

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