Anniversary Candle personalised with the name and date of the anniversary. Suitablefor Wedding Anniv..

Handmade and moulded Autumn Leaves. Pack of 10 in a variety of shapes and sizes. €3.95. ..

Edible Baby Owl, pageboy or flowergirl. Made of edible sugarpaste. Approx. 4″ tall. €6.00 each. Bab..

Cute Blond Hair Standing Groom. Made of resin,  Approx. 3" tall. €12.00 each..

A beautiful resin cake topper featuring a bride and groom sitting on a horse. It is approx 4" wide b..

A resin cake topper featuring the groom putting on the brides shoe. Cinderella cake Topper themed. €..

Cute Brown Hair Standing Bride. Made from resin, approximately 3" tall. €12.00 each..

A 8"x2" Separator/Cake Stand finished with white satin ribbon and beautiful lace trim, along with di..

A 6"x2" round cake stand/separator finished with satin ivory ribbon, pearl twist bead work and pearl..

A 6"x4" corset style cake stand/separator. Finished beautifully with ivory satin ribbon, and tail ef..

A 6"x4" corset style cake separator. finished with ivory sating ribbon and an antique silver medalli..

Gorgeous handmade 21st Birthday Cake Topper. Made on a 6″ round plaque and available in pink or bl..

Handmade 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake Plaque. finished in gold details. 6″ diameter. €6.95 each. 5..

Pack of 25 cupcake cases, suitable for making cupcakes.  €1.35 per pack. ..

Small baby rattle cupcake rattles. Pack of 12, each one measures approx. 2.5cm long. €3.30 per ..

A set of an engine and 2 carriages, all edible and suitable for any celebration cake.  €4.95 pe..

Small baby vest cupcake toppers. 12 per pack, each one measures approx. 2cm long. €3.30 per pack. &n..

Handmade edible cake plaque. Made on a 6" square backboard, with pink details.  ..

 All my edible images are printed on the best quality sugar sheets. They can be personalised wi..

Handmade edible Celtic cross cupcake toppers. Finished with finest quality edible gold lustre. 12 pe..

A hand finished candle for communions. The candle measures 5" tall by 1.5" wide, and features cross ..

Pack of 2 edible crosses suitable for communion or confirmation cakes. Each cross has a different de..

A resin communion/ confirmation boy with a navy jacket. €8.95 each...

A gorgeous resin communion or confirmation cake topper featuring a girl with pink detail on the dres..

A handmade cake topper for your little one. Perfect as a keepsake of their communion/ confirmation d..

White satin ribbon with Confirmation printed on it in silver lettering. 15mm wide. €1.05 per meter...

White satin ribbon with congratulations printed on it in silver lettering. 20mm wide. €1.05 per mete..

A handmade baby shoe plaque. Made with layers of sugar, and a pair of edible baby shoes and pearls o..

A gorgeous edible bear holding a heart on a plaque. Measures approx. 3" long. €3.35 each.  ..

A resin cake topper of a boy on a rocking horse. Approx. 3" long. €8.00 each.    &nbs..

These edible building blocks are handmade and each one has a letter on to spell out the child's name..

 Printed ribbon 1" thickness with Christening written on it. 25mm wide. €1.15 per meter. Availa..

These edible cross plaques are handmade and approximately 5" long by 4" wide. They are finished..

 All my edible images are printed on the best quality sugar sheets. They can be personalised wi..

 Gorgeous detailed edible buttons. In a pack of 10 mixed sizes, €3.25 per pack. Available in pi..


Are you having a celebration and are making your own celebration cake? Do you need the decorations to finish it off?

At Sweet Creations we have a wide range of handmade decorations and cake toppers to help you out.

Simply contact us to arrange a time to call, or place your order online.

I am constantly adding new products and ideas, so if you would like to be kept up to date, why not email me to be added to my mailing list.

Plan your celebrations with us today!

Personalised Cake Toppers

At Sweet Creations I create many handmade personalised toppers and cake decorations for all occasions.

My handmade wedding cake toppers are made from sugar, and need 2 to 6 weeks lead time.

They don’t travel in the post, so need to be collected here in Stratford-on-Slaney.

I can use details from your wedding outfits, hobbies, theme to create a unique topper for you.

Click here to personalise your cake topper

Sugarcraft Classes

I teach sugarcraft classes for all levels. At these classes, everything is broken down in to simple steps.

No need to worry if you are a complete beginner, you will be taken through step by step as you create your masterpiece.

I also teach one on one classes for all levels of sugarcraft.

If there is a class or a skill you would like to learn, please contact me to go through your ideas and availability.


Click here to view our upcoming classes.